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Brook Furled Leader
Brook Furled Leader

Brook Furled Leader

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What You Get:

  • One storage container 
  • Otter Butter floatant
  • Chammy applicator
  • Foam leader wheel
  • Dry fly
  • 100% silk leader

All of our silk weight forward leaders are handmade and incorporate a 12 OR 15 step taper process, giving them a more uniform taper, better performance and repeatable characteristics. These custom made tapered leaders are three strands, each individually laced to control proper tension and are made with only the finest materials.

Some of the features that make our weight forward furled leaders unique are:

  • One leader, in most cases, will last you the entire season, making them very durable and economical.
  • 3 strand weight forward furled leaders are generally stronger than other tapered leaders.
  • Furled leaders work as a shock absorber that will help keep your fish from breaking off.
  • Ease of casting.
  • Improved casting distance.
  • Excel at gentle lay down presentations.
  • Outstanding wind penetration.
  • Improved cast accuracy.
  • Improved fly turn over.
  • Characteristics repeatability.

Custom lengths are available, please contact Richard at to discuss your options.

*NOTE: You are purchasing 1 leader.