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How it all began

Pink leader and product packaging

As with many in today’s world, I too have been touched by the loss of those dear to me (my brother, along with my fiancée) to cancer.  It is with this in mind that I share my story with you.

It all began with a very special encounter with a very determined woman who was unwilling to let the aftermath of breast cancer stop her from living.

After watching her determination to overcome, an idea was born. Along with this idea came the desire to help others so that they too wouldn’t give up and to provide an opportunity to enjoy their life and have hope.

As an avid fly caster for more than 40+ years, I have seen many changes in the sport, its impact on the environment and for those who look to fly fishing as a healing process.  It is this need to help both the environment and those who are hurting, that has taken me down this road and has been a healing process for me at the same time.

I produce these silk pink weight forward leaders as an inspiration for those who are currently dealing with and/or dealing with the aftermath of cancer.  I believe so much in wanting to help others and in the performance of these silk weight forward leaders that with every purchase of these pink leaders, On The Fly Trading Co. will proudly contribute 65% of the proceeds to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

It is my sincere prayer that we never give up hope, that one day cancer will never touch us or the ones we love.