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Presentation, affordability and durability will sum up your experience when using one of our weight forward silk furled fly fishing leaders.

Our leaders have been used around the world.  We offer the ultimate in weight forward furled leader design.  Take a moment to browse our reviews by other fly casters.

On The Fly Trading Co., for all those who enjoy fly casting and the thrill of fish on.

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On The Fly Trading Co. silk furled leaders are a knotless, weight forward fly fishing leader design.  They are high performance, low memory and the ultimate in delicate presentations. Using a weight forward furled leader, a great choice for your next fishing experience.

Weight forward furled leaders improve your cast distance,  aid in turning over your fly with little to no effort, lets you gain distance for those hard to reach places, laying out perfect soft presentations time after time.

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Our leaders come with either a shorb loop or with a 2mm/3mm tippet ring at the head, allowing you to change out the tippet when it gets too short. Don't throw away the leader; just replace the tippet. A shorb loop at the butt end allows for a loop to loop fly line connection.

These advantages and the fact that one leader can last all season and in many cases, several seasons, makes our weight forward silk furled leaders very economical.



What started as a fishing trip, ended in a thought that changed the way I made my 3 strand silk leaders.

As destiny would have it, while on the Upper Yakima River in Ellensburg WA, I struck up a conversation with a woman who was fly fishing and later discovered that she was a cancer survivor.  She was using the art of fly fishing to stretch and rebuild the muscles damaged from her surgery.

While watching her arm and body motion, and the short cast due to muscle damage along with the extreme frustration shown with each cast, an idea was born.

I designed a three strand, weight forward, silk leader, with the ultimate goal of; ease of casting, improved casting distance and an overall confidence builder.

While I still make a taper three strand silk furled leader, I have chosen to concentrate my efforts and designs around the weight forward concepts.

With the ease of casting and fly turnover, the added distance and control gained, along with the overall characteristics displayed of the leader, proved I was on the right track.