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Design and Material

As with most things, not all furled (both 2 and 3 strand) leaders are created equal. Material choice and construction can radically change a leader's presentation and characteristics.

Three-strand furled leaders provide a smoother taper as compared to their two-strand counterparts.

Additionally, a three-strand furled leader has a rounder cross section and is denser than a two-strand leader.  These properties produce a leader that is thinner in cross section and penetrates the wind easier.

With a weight forward design and construction, our leaders take on endless possibilities, giving the fly caster multiple options for the waters he or she wishes to fish.

While each brand or type of thread used will produce a leader having different characteristics, here at On The Fly Trading Co., we use only the best silk on the market for characteristic repeatability.

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One of the greatest advantages of colored silk furled leaders is also the one thing that causes the greatest conversations among fly casters.

Fly casters who have never been exposed to or had the opportunity to use anything but monofilament leaders are often concerned with a colored leader spooking the fish.  The facts are, fish can see the monofilament leaders as well as a colored leader with a monofilament tippet.  These leaders have little to no adverse effect on the fish.

Fish are continually exposed to objects and are not spooked unless these objects move aggressively, cast sudden shadows, or in some way act in a threatening manner.  If fish were to be spooked from every strange object on the water, they would soon starve to death.

From the novice to the seasoned fly casters’ point of view, a visible leader is a huge asset when tracking small dry flies in adverse light conditions.

When fishing wets or nymphs, the highly visible leader serves as a drag and strike indicator.

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Weight forward silk furled leaders excel at gentle lay down presentation, improved accuracy, wind penetration and reduced drag, all important factors in the art of presentation.

Being soft and supple with little to no memory, they are quite a departure from the common monofilament leader.  The accuracy resulting from the positive turnover make these leaders a joy to use in fast or slow moving waters.

From the slender 2/4/2 to the extremely strong and versatile 8/10/8 combinations or anything in between along with our standard length of 108" as well as custom lengths to suit your needs.  The right leader is just a selection away, giving you the best possible tool for the job.

With the multiple choices of weight forward combinations, along with standard and custom length availability, you can easily pick the right leader for the waters you’re about to fish.

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I got greater distance on my casts and my fly
presentation was greatly improved. It actually looked like an insect landing on the water. I would recommend these leaders to anyone.

Steve White | Tri-Cities, WA

“Your leader performed flawlessly turning over my dries with little effort and little to no splash or spray, especially in the slack water eddies where the fish were wary.”

Phil | Paradigm Custom Rods
Three strand furled leaders provide a smoother taper
a simple design, excellent presentation, durability and dependability

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